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Mar 14, 2013 1:00pm EDT
in san francisco. after you take a look at the beautiful properties, you might be able to do that, too. the power house is one of the world's most beautiful and expensive cities today and that is san francisco. jeff is a top producer and partner with mcguire real estate. glad to have you with us. >> thank you. thank you for having me on. >> san francisco is one of my favorite cities but it has always been pretty expensive. the average listing price is about $1.5 million. average sales price year to date is a bit over $1 million. currently there are about 640 active listings on the market. but for california? that's actually pretty low inventory. you have got fantastic listings for us. the listing price is $595,000 dollars. >> it was a two bedroom one bathhouse. close proximity to silicon valley. very nice tastefully re-done kitch kitchen. a two-car garage and close proximity to silicon valley. >> i'm going to move over here. it was listed at $595,000. it sold for $781,000. the taxes, just over a little bit of $9,000. but it's only 1,000 square feet, which i find interesting. let's go t
Mar 27, 2013 1:00pm EDT
8,000 people to test the internet connected glasses. they have to go to new york, san francisco or la to pick up the glasses. >> i can imagine this. now i can ride my bicycle and check face book. i'll tell you what i'm really worried about. this enables people to tape things. we need et. >> people do. >> i mean. i think in terms of actual contest, my thing is you're getting the geeks to talk about it but 8,000 people? it's good to do a test. and they had to pay for it themselves. i would rather see them give it to a smaller number and use that as their research. >> chocolate makers cracking down on copy cats and seeking exclusivity for the term belgium chocolate. should foot be patented. >> what kind of exports do they have? chocolate? beer? absolutely. i think it has to be within reason. and the truth is for some of these little restaurant tours. i come from rochester, home of the garbage plate. they did protect it. but they have -- there are knock offs all over the place that call it the plate. >> i think the important thing is that everything is potentially valuable is a bran
Mar 7, 2013 1:00pm EST
is in san francisco with more on the future of dell. jon? >> another billionaire battle with carl icahn battling, but this time taking on michael dell. under michael dell's plan it take the company private it would take on about $15 billion in debt. under icahn's plan -- >> i have to interrupt you. sorry do it. but zuckerberg has come on stage. >> can you believe the best newspaper should have a broad diversity of content. high quality public content from world renowned sources and socially and relevant updates from family, friends and people around you. it should also enable you to drill into any topic you want it discuss, that you want to go over. it should have a front page or top news section of the most important things going on across all topics and should let you drill down into any individual topic that you want. we also believe that the best personalized newspaper should be visual and rich and engaging. the stories around you are intricate and detailed and they deserve to be displayed with more than just text. so today we're going to talk about a design we think reflects this e
Mar 20, 2013 1:00pm EDT
los angeles and san francisco to new york and boston. in general the fares for business class about 50% higher than coach, and it makes up about 11% of the seats on flights making those runs. well, united is now offering live flat seats for its business class in certain transcontinental routes. they just started it this week from los angeles to new york. the flights will have fewer business and first class seats going from about 36 down to 28 just lie flat seats. why are the airlines doing this? this comes down to trying to have that premium service between the coasts so they can increase revenue. this is all about getting more money from those higher paying passengers. transcontinental premium service is targeting in specific corporate customers in industries like financial services and the entertainment industry who will pay for the lie flat seats. >> those industries pay for premium cabin seats. that's the battle. that's where the profit is, and that's who the big three airlines, united, delta, and american, are battling it out. it will be interesting to see who wins long term. >> a
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4